4 friends: Torben, Annalena, Jeanette and Adam

We are 4 friends apartments

Behind the „4 friends apartments“ are four friends – that’s us: Torben and Annalena (Northern Germany) and Jeanette and Adam (South Africa). We got to know each other when we (Torben and Annalena) stayed with Jeanette and Adam in Cape Town for the first time during our vacation in 2017.

Despite the great distance of approx. 13,500 km between the two hometowns, a good friendship then developed – and the idea of setting up a joint residential project. Since Jeanette is an architect herself, the planning and supervision of the project from the first drawing to the last blade of grass was in good and competent hands. We are very happy about this, because it allowed us to realize our very own ideas and start construction in 2018.

Now you can see for yourself what our project has become – we are very excited to see how you like it. We look forward to seeing each of you and wish each guest an unforgettable time!

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